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How it all began...


ChantLanta was created on a cold, snowy night in January 2010, when an announcement was made at an Atlanta kirtan event. It was an invitation for volunteers to help create a local all-day chant event. The vision was to bring the community together to sing and dance for charity. That night 10 people signed up to help as volunteers and became the first ChantLanta organizing committee. In 2 months time, this small group of dedicated people brought the idea into reality.


The first ChantLanta featured 5 local kirtan bands, a yoga class, free dinner, and a silent auction. Two charities were the recipients of all the donations, 1 local and 1 international. At the time, Atlanta’s chant community was very small. The first ChantLanta brought 150 people to the First Existentialist Church in Candler Park, many of them brand new to mantra and kirtan.

Over the years, many people and volunteers have continued the vision of this chant event, open to all humans, in the spirit of seva (service). Of the original organizers, Ian Boccio and Karen Dorfman remain on the committee. ChantLanta proceeds have been donated to various causes in great need of support.

Along the way, Chantlanta has been the single largest catalyst of one of the most diverse and thriving chant communities in the US. Atlanta has been home to over a dozen kirtan bands, most of which formed out of people’s inspiration from the festival.

Chantlanta remains singularly unique in its mix of supporting charity and building community. The organizers maintain their commitment to a space that is accessible, open, and transformational.

Join us at the most unique chant festival in the US!

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