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Family Area


The family area welcomes children of all ages and their caretakers/parents/guardians! Activities include movement, crafts, music, and magic, with performances by some of Atlanta's finest entertainers for families!

The family area is located in the nursery, which is upstairs, near the Selah Center.


Children MUST be accompanied by an adult

at all times.

In addition to planned activities, there will always be toys and coloring supplies available, as well as comfy corners to rest for a moment.

To be Announced
Here's a sample of what we had last year:
10:00am Caterpillar Craft
10:30am Mask Making
11:15-11:45am David Bryan Smith - music, singalongs, & magic!
11:45am Suncatcher Craft
12:00-12:30pm Rhythm Experience & Sound Healing with Sebastian Giles & his drums!
12:30-1:00pm Hat/Crown Making or Rhythm Stick Making
2:00-2:30pm Body Rhythm + Group Rhythm + Scribble Art Craft
2:30-3:00pm John Stringer's positive & joyful music for all ages!
3:45-4:15pm David Bryan Smith's 2nd set - music, singalongs, & magic!
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