Namaste, everyone! We’re excited to be booking some wonderful workshops
for you to enjoy at ChantLanta 2020.

Just a reminder that the structure has CHANGED. 

In order to attend the 2020 workshops
it’s necessary to reserve your space in advance.

The full workshop descriptions will be posted below.

Once you decide which workshops you’d like to attend, you will go to the online
registration when it is available and follow the prompts.

To be informed of when registration opens please join our Mailing List 
(see how to sign up on our home page).

And connect with us on Facebook!

If you have further questions, scroll down to the FAQ at the bottom of the page.



Whoa, this is really different! What’s happening?

We’re glad you asked! For several years, one of our most consistent pieces of feedback has been that workshops are too crowded, to the point of negatively impacting the space for facilitators and participants. So, we’ve adjusted the setup to improve the experience for everyone.


Our commitment to charity is why the donation minimum is there. Our commitment to community is why the donation minimum is so low. We want the workshops to be as accessible as possible.


Why are y’all selling tickets this year?
That’s an understandable question. The answer is that we’re not, actually :)


Workshop registration requires a donation to Camp Cadi, our charity partner. All donations go to the camp; your donations directly support its mission.


Your donation is not a ticket. ChantLanta organizers are all volunteers. Workshop facilitators are all donating their time and effort.


Read more about this change here.


Do I have to register? Can I just show up on March 9th?

We expect these workshops to reach capacity before the weekend of ChantLanta. Once they are full, we will close the registration. If you’d like to attend a workshop, we strongly recommend that you register in advance.

Reserved my space! Do I need to bring physical proof of donation?
You'll receive an email confirmation from Squareup; your name will be added to our list of attendees. On March 9th, we'll use that list to check people in for each workshop.


Is the venue ADA complaint?

Yes! There is a ramp right by the entrance. The building has 1 elevator inside. Workshops are on the 1st and 2nd floors.

I have more questions. Who can help?

Stan Holt, Workshop Coordinator:

Stephanie Kohler, Director: