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Workshop Schedule

ChantLanta workshops take place on Saturday September 9th

 in The Peace Chapel at Unity North

PLEASE NOTE: Workshop spaces are non-refundable. Ages 12+ only.

SPACE IS LIMITED! Click on the "Register Now" buttons to sign up immediately!


Your registration is a donation to Feet of Clay, our charity partner this year. All ChantLanta organizers, musicians, and workshop facilitators are volunteers. Your support makes a tremendous difference to this charity. Thank you so much!



Sufi Trance Drumming Concert & Meditation

Danny Stern



















Experience deep, inner peace and clear your mind of negative thoughts through this powerful trance drumming and meditation experience. Join master world musician Danny Stern as he guides the group through a deep healing sound experience.


Danny will use timeless meditative Sufi techniques while drumming for the group, followed by the magical sounds of the finger cymbals. We will end with a group chant that will allow you to go beyond the mind and intellect and experience the “intelligence of the heart.”


Danny has been following the guidance of his Sufi Master for 26 years and shares his knowledge to help bring participants to the present moment and transports them to a deep, healing state.


No prior experience is necessary. 





Shamanic Journey

Lisa Wiggins








For centuries, medicine men and women have entered altered states of consciousness with chanting and percussion to access spiritual guidance. This workshop will lead you through the process of creating sacred space, journeying to your divine self, and remembering your own unique wisdom. We will draw upon the energy of the season to inspire abundance, harmony, connection, and peace.


Lisa Wiggins, PhD is a nature mystic who has lived in the Atlanta area for more than 20 years. She is inspired by the cycles of the seasons and divine wisdom that exists in everyone and everything. Lisa is ceremonial priestess and ordained pagan minister. She has studied with notable shamanic leaders from the Eagle Condor Council, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, and with her own spirit guides. Lisa currently teaches a healing intensive and mystery school based in Asheville, NC and schedules individual healing appointments upon request. 






Aramaic Toning & Cosmic Chant Circle with PYRADYM

Dale Allen Hoffman










Promo Video:

Ancient Aramaic Wisdom Keeper and energetic healer Dale Allen Hoffman offers a deeply mystical gathering of ancient Aramaic vocal toning and chanting along with buffalo hoop drum, singing bowls, breath work and PYRADYM Crystal Particle Fountain. Awaken the profound transformational qualities of consciously intoned ancient and indigenous energy resonance prayers along with extended meditative silence on activating lucid states of deep Presence and sound healing. Dale offers us the opportunity of an authentic direct experience of Gnosis through these sacred vibrations that are profoundly intimate to how ancient mystery school initiates would have experienced their depth of vibration within themselves in millennia past.


PYRADYM is a patented analog bioresonance instrument using sound, light, crystals and sacred geometry to generate a profoundly relaxing sonic massage from the inside out. Merging suppressed ancient Egyptian technologies with the visionary physioacoustic work of Nikola Tesla, Bob Moog and Edgar Cayce, PYRADYM is unlike any other instrument on earth. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat or blanket, a sheet and a water bottle to stay hydrated during this profound mystical sound journey.


Dale Allen Hoffman is an Ancient Aramaic Wisdom Keeper, mystic and energetic healer revealing long-suppressed ancient secrets and healing modalities. For over 30 years, Dale has been known internationally as what many call "the teacher behind the teachers". Since coining the term "Aramaic Toning" in the early 1990’s, Dale is a frequent "go to" authority for many well-known spiritual teachers, celebrities, business icons, musicians and everyday people on how to awaken the experiential core of ancient teachings in the most practical ways possible. Dale is an author, actor, professional speaker and musician. He has published numerous audio and video programs and is author of the book “Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light”.





Sound Healing Yoga
Karen Dorfman & Margo Gomes








Contact Karen:

Contact Margo:

Join Karen and Margo for a nourishing class of attuning to soul alignment blending body, breath, and sound.


We will enjoy heart opening restorative/yin poses combined with breathwork and simple chants, all while being bathed in the serene frequencies of Himalayan singing bowls. We will then ease into stillness with an extended savasana to the powerful and mysterious vibrations of the Chinese wind gong. In this atmosphere of healing and expansive energy you will be invited into profound relaxation, bringing mind, body, and spirit into a state of optimal resonance. 


This is a very gentle and accessible practice for all levels, and beginners are welcome. Karen will teach without props but feel free to bring your own if you need them to practice comfortably. There will be nurturing guidance to help you find ease in each of the postures.

Karen and Margo have been sharing this blissful practice for the past three years at festivals and yoga studios. They are moved by the profound responses of the participants about their transformative experiences during these classes. As team members of the ChantLanta Committee they are passionate about inspiring connection in the community, and are committed to facilitating the raising of vibrations.




Sonic Yogi's Sound Experience



An immersive sound journey, welcoming the listener into meditative and relaxed states of enjoyment. Sound and music have the ability to reset our brainwaves and nervous system for deep and profound relaxation. This has been shown to help with anxiety relief and calming the entire nervous system. This multi-instrumental experience includes Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, flute, vocals, percussion, guitars and more. 


Jonathan Adams (a.k.a. Sonic Yogi) discovered the healing benefits of Sound Therapy after experiencing extreme anxiety. He then began to create and explore the potential of sound and frequency as an aid in relaxation and meditation. He has led talks and workshops on sound therapy at TedX, MindBody software’s national conference and many more. Audio tracks are available on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and meditation apps like Insight Timer, Aura, MindBliss and others. Using his sound therapy expertise, Jonathan helps you relax, de-stress and enjoy deeper meditation. 


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Whoa, this is really different! What’s happening?

We’re glad you asked! For several years, one of our most consistent pieces of feedback has been that workshops are too crowded, to the point of negatively impacting the space for facilitators and participants. So, we’ve adjusted the setup to improve the experience for everyone.


Our commitment to charity is why the donation minimum is there. Our commitment to community is why the donation minimum is so low. We want the workshops to be as accessible as possible.


Why are y’all selling tickets this year?
That’s an understandable question. The answer is that we’re not, actually :)


Workshop registration requires a donation to Feet of Clay, our charity partner, your donations directly support its mission.


ChantLanta organizers are all volunteers. Workshop facilitators are all donating their time and effort.


Read more about this change here.


Do I have to register? Can I just show up on the day of the workshop?

We expect these workshops to reach capacity before the weekend of ChantLanta. Once they are full, we will close the registration. If you’d like to attend a workshop, we strongly recommend that you register in advance.

Reserved my space! Do I need to bring physical proof of donation?
You'll receive an email confirmation from Squareup; your name will be added to our list of attendees. On September 9th we'll use that list to check people in for each workshop.

I have more questions. Who can help?

Karen Dorfman, Workshop Coordinator:

Ian Boccio, Director:

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